Here at Magic Mountain East, we believe in rewarding hard working and dedication students. We want our guests to push themselves in the classroom so they can have fun right here! Our family fun center provides rewards for earning honor roll, citizenship, reading, perfect attendance, and other special achievements.

Students should buckle down and work in class. Your studies always come first! If you focus and work in school, you can benefit from our award certificates and bookmarks that offer free games and tokens for your visit.

Each of our programs are free! All you need to do is download and email the attached form to Magic Mountain East:  DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

Tokens for Good Grades

Earn tokens for good grades. Kids are encouraged to bring their most recent report cards to receive 3 token for every “B” and 4 tokens for every “A”! Limit 20 tokens per student.


By participating in this program, you can earn a free game of miniature golf.

 “You’ve Worked Hard!”

As a reward certificate, the “You’ve Worked Hard!” reward is valid for ten free arcade tokens.

There is no purchase necessary when ordering. Please keep in mind that our school rewards are designed to recognize individual efforts. No groups, please!

Every student deserves to have fun. Magic Mountain East provides rewards and benefits for every student. Contact our staff if you have any other questions.

School first, Magic Mountain East second