You and your family and friends will never go hungry here at Magic Mountain East. With a range of choices, our family fun center offers snacks, meals, and drinks to satisfy every one of our guests.

We provide specials for groups and families that combine our delicious treats with our entertaining attractions. Come down to Magic Mountain East to experience fun for all ages!


Includes regular drink and fries
#1 Hot Dog
#2 Chili Cheese Dog
#3 Slice of Pizza
#4 Two Slices of Pizza

Family Specials!

Large 1-Topping Pizza
Pitcher of Soda
4 Attractions

Large 1-Topping Pizza
Pitcher of Soda
100 Arcade Tokens


Large French Fry
Large Cheese Fry
Large Chili Cheese Fry
Nachos & Cheese
Chili Cheese Nachos
Soft Pretzel
Soft Pretzel With Cheese
Cotton Candy


Cheese Pizza Slice
Pepperoni Pizza Slice
Large Cheese Pizza
Large Pepperoni Pizza

Hot Dogs

Regular Hot Dog
Cheese Dog
Chili Dog
Chili Cheese Dog

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cup


Small Soft Drink
Regular Soft Drink
Bottled Water
Regular Slushy
Large Slushy

Experience Magic Mountain East!